Bastian & Mitchell Hangers at New Orleans Lakefront Airport

Non-Flood Protection Asset Management Authority
New Orleans, 
Richard C Lambert
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The Bastian-Mitchell Hangar project, built for the Non-Flood Protection Asset Management Authority, included the new construction of a 42,000-square-foot facility located in New Orleans, LA. The facility houses two hangars, an office building, transportation center and shop space. The project features upgraded utility systems for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning as well as lighting and electrical power distributions, fire alarms, security, access control, and data/telecommunications systems. The project’s fire protection strategies include wet pipes, foam fire suppression, fire water pumps powered by two diesel engines, and two 40,000-gallon storage tanks to compensate for an insufficient municipal water supply to the hangars. The aviation hangars were constructed utilizing reinforced steel pile caps, grade beams, floor slabs, and concrete. Due to CORE’s rebuilding and restoration efforts, the Bastian-Mitchell Hanger project effectively reestablished aviation operations to the Lakefront Airport after the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina.


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