What We Do

Our team is committed to delivering the high-quality services of a nationwide leader, while using a local workforce to create customized buildings that meet your needs and strengthen the community.

Our CORE Services



A project’s success hinges on how effective the preconstruction process is, and we take every step to ensure ours is the best in the industry.



Every CORE project, whether it’s a new build, renovation, or disaster recovery, must meet our Operational Excellence standards for Safety, Quality, Scheduling, Cost, Trade Partners, and Clients.


Project Management

Some projects or clients may require a broader range of services, which is why we also offer management from conception to completion.


Job Order Contracting

Job Order Contracting (JOC) is a project delivery method utilized by clients to procure numerous commonly-encountered construction needs quickly and easily.

The CORE Difference


Thinking Beyond the Build

A project means more than creating a structure; it’s about becoming part of your community. From meeting with school boards and creating models for student assemblies to explain what their school will look like, to designing safer police and fire stations with spaces for mental wellness, to intentionally hiring to develop a local workforce, we’re working to build and impact communities long term.

CORE’s 6-part philosophy of Operational Excellence ensures the success of each and every project. With these goals, we’re committed to providing our clients and communities with the very best services in the industry. 

Public Safety

Keeping Our First Responders Safe

Firefighters and police officers experience occupational hazards that take a toll on their physical and mental wellness. A staggering amount of this exposure happens in their own contaminated facilities.

Strong in the municipal and public safety sectors, CORE started CleanPSB (Clean Public Safety Building), in 2017. This program commits to building cleaner police and fire stations in the interest of protecting the health of our first responders.

Using immersive design and our program findings, CORE provides clients with health and safety information throughout the entire project. With these facilities, CORE builds to reduce exposure risk and make it safer to work as a first responder.

Excellence is Our Standard