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In an effort to protect applicants from fraudulent job postings, please note that all hiring-related communications will take place either on the CORE job portal or directly with current CORE employees in-person, on video calls, on the phone or via emails with a domain of either or We will NEVER ask you for sensitive information or payment to interview with us, nor will we directly communicate through LinkedIn or any other social media page. If you receive any offers from someone you suspect is falsely posing as a CORE employee and want to check the validity, please email us at

We're Hiring

At CORE, we are looking for people who share our values and who want a career, not just a job. As a member of the CORE team, you will contribute to a wide range of construction projects, be involved in complex projects that will help you grow as a construction professional, and be part of a team that works together every day to build communities across the country. Are you ready to take the next step in your career?
Team and Trust

Our Culture

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Join a Collaborative Team

At CORE, we have a culture of authenticity and trust. All of our team members have a level of character and competency which allows us to trust in each other and be successful. With our CORE Values and understanding that we serve our clients and community, we’re about building relationships beyond the projects.

Valuable Experience

Internships: Build a Career Foundation

CORE’s internship program offers a unique and challenging opportunity for motivated people who are passionate about construction. Forget getting coffee and making copies. We want interns who want to get inspired and start a career at CORE. Many of our full-time employees and company leaders started off in our internship program and have continued to grow with the company. Begin your journey today.


From the Team

The key to being successful is understanding that we are only as successful as the team we have around us. It is impossible to a complete a project with any of the key components missing. That's all the way from the executive level down to the Project Team, Design Team, and Trade Partners.
Project Manager
Frisco, TX
When I decided to make a switch from architecture, it was about the CORE culture and how the employees live the mission statement. Now, I believe it is the people. Each CORE employee lives and breathes the CORE values of "Integrity, Fairness, Continuous Improvement and Results."
PreConstruction Manager
Boise, ID
Humility seems to be a critical component in being successful. Whether it is admitting to yourself that personal flaws exist and can be improved upon, or admitting to others, you might not have all the answers. Humility can be the catalyst for both continuous improvement and strong team collaboration.
PreConstruction Manager
Peoria, IL
I came to CORE incredibly green to the industry. I had one person see my potential and give me a chance by hiring me. Since then, I have had so many incredible, talented mentors dedicate time and attention into continuously helping me to improve professionally.
Asst Project Manager
Deerfield Beach, FL
I love the people and the culture. The feeling of knowing that there is always a team there to help you. Knowing that you are valued and your opinion counts.
Las Vegas, NV
Every day I am thankful to have been given the opportunity to be a part of the CORE family. We all find a way to come together to work as a team to complete whatever tasks has been given to us to the best of our ability. I am blessed to work with such amazing individuals.
Project Coordinator
Schererville, IN

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