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Generally, you have two options when selecting a trade partner. You can choose a local team but sacrifice the resources of a national organization, or you can choose a national builder but sacrifice the local touch. At CORE Construction, we believe you should have the best of both worlds. Our team is committed to delivering the high-quality services of a nationwide leader, while using a local workforce to create customized buildings that meet your needs and strengthen the community.
Three men in white hardhats and safety vests in discussion on a construction site.
On behalf of Action Target, I would like to extend our most sincere thanks to the CORE Construction Team, referencing the completion of the Gilbert Public Safety Training Center and their leadership and management of this project. Action Target has successfully completed thousands of shooting range project with an array of construction companies, I can say that the Phoenix-based CORE team is one of the best prime contractors that we have worked with to date. In my 16 years of designing and building Indoor ranges on more than 400+ projects, I have dealt with the very best and worst of prime contractors. I could tell right away that the CORE Team stood apart from the rest.

CORE Construction demonstrated early that their focus is meeting the client's needs and coordinating as a team to find solutions to this end. CORE is a team player that contracts with high quality subcontractors and is results oriented. Not once did CORE ever shy away from the challenges that were presented during the project or point the finger of blame, their response was always "what is best solution for the client.” They have a way of making the smallest subcontractor feel valued as part of the team and the quality of work on the project excelled due to this trait. Action Target would not hesitate to recommend CORE for any future project.
Southwest US Manager
Action Target
Ellison-Mills Contracting has had the privilege and honor of completing several projects with CORE Construction within the City Casa Grande. Over the years we have built a working relationship that we plan to continue for years to come.

Our experience with CORE has proven that they treat their subcontractors fairly, allowing them the ability to showcase their talents through the available scope of work. It is apparent that CORE is in the business to build relationships with not only their clients but also their subcontractors, ultimately ensuring that every project owner gets the best available process to completing a job.

We thank CORE for their willingness to work with local subcontractors and look forward to bidding any potential work they have in the future.
Ellison Mills Contracting

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