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Putting More Safety in Public Safety Buildings

In 2017, CORE developed a program focused on improving the physical and mental health of first responders. With intentional design and construction best practices, our goal is to help mitigate public safety occupational hazards and health risks.

This important initiative, called Clean Public Safety Building (CleanPSB), is now a company standard nationwide.

Inside a large fire truck bay showing two red fire SUVs and a red trailer.
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The immersive design elements that CleanPSB has implemented in this building has helped me in so many ways. It allows me to feel less stress while I'm working in the building. There are some great rooms and areas of the building that provide a lot of natural light. It's a very large facility. It's volumous. The ceilings are tall. We have atriums. It creates a more of a friendly user space for us.
Public Information Officer
Casa Grande Police Department
Being able to work with CORE on the CleanPSB process has been very beneficial to us. I think we learned a lot from each other during this process. There is a level of transparency that the firefighters feel working directly with project managers from CORE to be able to help ensure that what they wanted in a fire station is actually there. We feel that this collaborative nature has really made the best environment for our firefighters to work in 24 hours a day.
Fire Chief
City of Goodyear
Safe Facilities
Fire fighter jackets are hung safely on racks in a separate room.

Building to Promote Health and Wellness

As an industry leading construction builder, it is our duty to inform our clients of all relevant information — not just dealing with cost and quality, but for health and safety factors as well. We are responsible for constructing highly functional and efficient, but also safe, facilities and environments for our community first responders.


CleanPSB Coalition

A coalition of industry experts, design professionals, and public safety officials meet quarterly to collaborate on new discoveries and best practices. Topics include the prevention of cancer, occupational illness, and exposure to harmful contaminants related to the design and construction of public safety facilities.

Hearing firsthand from the experts, including fire and police chiefs, allows us to understand exactly what our first responders encounter on the job, and what they need in their home-base facilities.
View from behind the A-V control panel at a CleanPSB cohort meeting, with several people looking at a large screen on the wall..
Two men and two women sitting at a small meeting space in a wide office hall, discussing and pointing toward a pamphlet on the table.

Knowledge Sharing

In-house Training Program

The firsthand information from the coalition meetings is critical to creating a continuously evolving training program. CORE project team members are required to attend annual in-house training certification classes that focus on occupational illness prevention, understanding the harmful effects of contaminants, identifying industry hazards, and current best practices in design and construction.

Implementing a standard

Best Practices Checklist

A comprehensive best practices checklist is available on every public safety project jobsite to ensure all health and safety protections are put in place.

To see more about our safety standards, explore CORE’s practices for Operational Excellence.
Three workers on a job site looking at a checklist on a tablet.

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