National Guard Readiness Center

State Public Works Division
North Las Vegas, 
H+K Architects
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The National Guard Readiness Center project, built for the Nevada State Public Works Division and Nevada Army National Guard, included the new construction of a 75,000-square-foot military facility in Las Vegas, NV. The facility functions as an administrative, training, and supply center for military units during peacetime missions for achieving training proficiency and combat readiness. The project features an assembly hall, learning center, library, commercial kitchen, physical fitness area, classrooms, conference rooms, and a stepped concrete floor auditorium. Major site amenities were comprised of a secured entry point and site perimeter, access roads, personal vehicle parking, military/heavy equipment storage, and a 2,800-square-foot enclosed metal building. Site work also included the installation of a berm and drainage channel, a retention basin, asphalt paving, curbs and gutters, landscaping and irrigation, and all associated utilities. Construction of the center occurred on a 40-acre site and was comprised of slab-on-grade and slab-on-deck, structural and decorative concrete masonry unit block, structural steel flooring, and a membrane roof. Other construction aspects included prefabricated DIRTT™ systems and allowances for future geothermal and photovoltaic incorporation. The Readiness Center project now houses the 17th Sustainment Brigade and 2665 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Company.


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