Riverside ESD – K-8 Third School & Site Development

Riverside Elem School Dist #2
Orcutt | Winslow Partnership
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The Maricopa Institute of Technology project, built for the Riverside Elementary School District No. 2, included the new construction of a 61,656 square foot middle school located in Phoenix, AZ. The facility supports classrooms designed to accommodate the Science Technology Engineering Math high school preparatory curriculum and 600 students on a 14-acre site. The middle school was constructed on a concrete foundation with structural steel and concrete walls, an exterior insulation and finish system, an insulated water-resistant, finished surface, metal panels, and masonry, and a sheet metal and thermoplastic polyolefin material. The project also features an Energy Management System consisting of computer-aided control and monitoring tools for building performance optimization and maximum energy savings, a central atrium serving as a cafeteria and student assembly area, an exterior amphitheater, and breakout spaces for collaborative and individual study. The Maricopa Institute of Technology project now provides a unique learning environment for students.


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