ASU Poly Student Housing

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The Century Hall Student Housing project, built for Arizona State University, included the new construction of a three-story, 84,657 square foot residential hall located on the University’s Polytechnic Campus in Mesa, AZ. The facility functions as freshman student housing and supports 300 units in two buildings linked by a one story common room containing a lobby, information desk, administrative offices, community kitchen, and two multipurpose rooms. The residential hall was constructed of ground face concrete masonry unit block and an exterior insulation finish system, and a coated foam roof. Interior finishes consisted of decorative wall coverings, whiteboard painted walls, standard painted gypsum board, decorative plant screens in four stair towers, and architectural gypsum ceilings in the hallways. The project also featured the construction of four wings comprised of three student activity lounges, laundry areas, study rooms, and one ADA compliant room in each wing. Due to CORE’s sustainable design and construction methods, the Century Hall Student Housing project was constructed around a 75-year-old mesquite tree preserving it for future generations.


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