July 30, 2020 / 

Viewpoint: How COVID-19 Can Boost Your Business Development

Since COVID-19 sheltering in place began in March, most of us have experienced a rapid shift in how we do business, how we form and nurture relationships, and how to forge ahead during a historically unique time.

Despite the fair share of challenges, the pandemic has also opened doors to new ways of developing new business and working smarter at this critical time that we hope AEC companies will implement to bolster success. If social distancing has taught us anything, it is that physical presence isn’t always necessary to nurture client relationships and win new business.

With less or no need now to run from meeting to meeting, fight traffic or deal with airport security or delayed flights, it’s time to rethink traditional approaches and instead look at where those dollars can be better spent.

To read the full article as published by ENR.com, please CLICK HERE.

*Images provided courtesy of ENR.com.

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