ISU Bone Student Center Revitalization

(DNU) Board of Trustees of Illinois State University
Higher Education
Dewberry Inc.
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The Bone Student Center Revitalization project, completed for Illinois State University, included the complete renovation of a 88,987-square-foot student center, originally constructed in the 1970’s, and three new construction additions located in Normal, IL. The additions consisted of a two-story teacher’s lounge, a three-story welcome center, and a loading dock, all constructed with a cast-in-place concrete foundation with a steel structural frame, a brick and stone exterior, and an EPDM roof. Extensive site work included a grand stairway and ramp to serve as the university’s new northern gateway to the campus, welcoming students to campus life and collegiate achievement. The Bone Student Center Revitalization project was completed in three phases, with hard completion dates for each, which corresponded to pre-scheduled university or community events. To promote safety and mitigate disruptions, CORE utilized a tunnel which ran through the middle of the 88,987-square-foot building throughout construction. Due to CORE’s extensive preconstruction planning as well as construction execution on the occupied campus, each of the three phases were delivered safely on time. In addition to university and community events, the building remained fully occupied during all phases.


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