U of I Natural History – R2

University of Illinois
Higher Education
LCM Architects
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The Natural History Building project, built for the University of Illinois, included the restoration and renovation of a 148,000-square-foot higher education building located on the university’s main campus in Urbana, IL. The facility, originally built in 1982, functions as a historical landmark to the university and houses classrooms for the study of the natural earth sciences. The renovation consisted of restoring the original concrete foundation, masonry structural frame, and masonry exterior finishes. A slate and EPDM membrane roof with new concrete masonry unit block and gypsum walls completed the construction. The project also features a vaulted chamber for a community gathering place, research and computer laboratories, seminar rooms, lecture halls, and offices. The higher education building achieved LEED Gold Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council for energy efficiency and sustainability. The Natural History Building project now offers a modern and collaborative environment for collegiate success.


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