Doudna Fine Arts Center

The State of Illinois, Capital Development Board
Higher Education
Cannon Design
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The Doudna Fine Arts Center project, built for Capital Development Board, included the renovation and expansion of a 329,000 square foot fine arts building located on the campus of Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, IL. The facility supports the music, theater, and art programs. The fine arts building was constructed on a steel structural frame with a colored, reflective, and clear glass exterior evoking the feeling of inhabiting a chandelier. A copper clad roof, stained brick masonry, and precast concrete completed the construction. The project also features a new proscenium theater, in which the scenery and performers are framed, a smaller studio theater for experimental and innovative productions, lecture hall, art studios, theatre retail shops, performance laboratories, and faculty offices as well as renovated music concert and recital halls. Site work consisted of outdoor performance courtyards, ceramic art display yards, sculpted gardens, and a terraced deck.


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