Truckee High School Modernization – Increment 2

Tahoe Truckee Unified School District
DLR Group – Sacramento
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The Truckee High School Modernization project, completed for Tahoe Truckee Unified School District, included major renovations and expansion of the 136,495-square-foot education building located in Truckee, CA. The project included the addition of a 6,800-square-foot library and administration building, new finishes, upgraded mechanical and electrical systems, upgraded technology, roof repairs, and structural upgrades. The project also included front facade enhancements, reconfiguration of the band area and gathering areas, and various enhancements including the bus drop area. The abatement of this project proved to be challenging due to setting up containment on an active campus where students were present. There was a high amount of asbestos-containing materials on-site, such as the fireproofing, drywall and structural members painted with lead paint, making structural retrofit durations about twice as long. In total, Truckee High School generated close to three million in abatement and selective demolition hazardous waste, which CORE safely and successfully abated. The Truckee High School Modernization project was completed ahead of schedule while providing the highest level of commitment to the safety of the students and staff.


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