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CORE in the News: Work ‘within budget and it’s on schedule’

BULLHEAD CITY — This is not a Lincoln Logs project.

Workers at the site of the Colorado River Union High School District’s new multipurpose athletic building have poured most of the concrete, [CORE Construction] Project Manager Mark Murphy said Thursday, and are working on the roof.

At about midnight, Murphy said, the workers had finished this portion of concrete, 117 cubic yards. He said the work was done late at night to avoid the heat of doing it in the daylight. By 8:30 a.m., workers were applying a special curing compound to its surface.

Murphy said contractors hope to have the roof finished by September. That will involve support sections assembled on the ground and raised via two 300-ton cranes to a height of 75 feet onto metal columns. Cross-pieces called girts will be placed atop those, and insulation and an outer metal shell will complete the roof.

Murphy said the metal roof was chosen because it can better withstand the heat of the Tri-state area.

The building just north of the Mohave Crossroads shopping center, is anticipated as the home for Mohave and River Valley high schools’ athletics and other events. In addition to configurations for indoor areas for football, soccer, basketball, volleyball and other sports, it will include two permanent home locker rooms, eight smaller locker rooms for tournaments, two dedicated technology classrooms and a large commercial culinary kitchen.

To read the full article as published in the Mohave Valley Daily News, please CLICK HERE.

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