Meet the New CORE Warranty

Over-the-shoulder view of the CORE warranty site on a tablet.

The new CORE Warranty is a simple way to submit and manage requests for your properties. Built specifically for our clients, our app lets you spend your time on the more important parts of your job.


Friendly Interface

Designed with a minimalistic aesthetic, the interface puts the content you need at the forefront. On the dashboard, you can manage recent requests, view your properties, keep up with other people working on the project, and submit a quick request. The design is clean, aesthetically pleasing, and incredibly intuitive.

Key Features
  • The responsive design of the new CORE Warranty allows you to access the app from any device. Whether you’re using the computer in your office or your phone while traveling, you can manage and submit requests whenever you need to.
  • The app has a directory of people associated with your projects, which makes it easy to communicate in one channel.
  • Simplicity of the management system saves you time. You’re now able to access and make your requests quickly from anywhere, without any hassle.
Our Commitment to Our Clients

As a part of our CORE values, we are always striving for continuous improvement. The new CORE Warranty is an opportunity to not only streamline our warranty process, but also create a better experience for our clients. It’s this constant aim for excellence that drives the need to recreate this system.

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